Want access to your funds up to 3 DAYS EARLY? 


Need an electronic deposit (aka ACH) earlier than when it normally posts?  Now you can do it yourself inside Online Banking or within the Mobile App with Early ACH Posting! 

You may be able to access your electronic deposits up to 3 days ahead of when it normally would post to your account.  Availability is dependent on the sending organization.  A $20 nominal fee will be charged for this service.  

Not all electronic deposits (aka ACH) qualify for Early Payday.  The ability to take advantage of the program and the number of days the funds are available ahead of the normal posting date all depends on the company that is sending the deposit.  Early posting cannot be set up to happen on a recurring basis.  You simply need to request a 'Post Now' inside Online Banking or within the Mobile App each time you would like to take advantage of an early ACH.