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Abandoned Account Fee $50.00
Account Histories $1.00 per page
ATM Card NO annual fee
Cashiers Check / Credit Union Check $2.00
Cashiers Check / Credit Union Check Stop Pay $20.00
Coin Counter - Non members (excluding minors) 5% of coin counted
Courtesy Pay Overdraft $30.00
Dormant Fee (After 12 months of no activity) - Including Life Savings Accounts, Excluding minor accounts $7.00 per month
Early Closure Fee - Within 90 days a fee will be assessed $25.00
Fax (In or Out) Domestic Only $3.00
Garnishment/Levy $40.00
Guaranteed Funds Check - Non-member payee converting item to guaranteed funds $2.00
International Wire $35.00
Late Payment Fee See loan disclosures
Loan Origination Fee $20.00
Lost Card Replacement $15.00
Money Order Fee $1.00
Non Member Check Cashing Fee - For checks $300 and over $5.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (ACH, Share Draft) $30.00
Originated Return ACH Fee $10.00
Pay by Phone / Online Fee $10.00
Photocopies 10 FREE per member per month, 10 cents each thereafter
Photocopy of Draft / Check (Free on E*Teller) $2.00
Return Deposited Check $10.00
Research Fee - Life Savings Benefit Analysis / Account Reconcilement (*Minimum 1 hour) $15.00 per hour
Return Statement Fee $3.00
Share Draft re-open fee $50.00
Statement Copy (Free with E*Statements) $2.00 per page
Stop Pay (ACH, Share Draft & Money Order) $20.00
Temporary Checks $2.00 for 4
Transfer Fee - Transactions in excess of three that are subject to Regulation D $2.00 per transfer
Visa® Credit / Debit No annual fee
Visa® Cash Advance Fee 3% or $5.00 whichever is greater
Visa® Credit / Debit Rush Order (Member Request) $25.00
Wire Transfers Outgoing $20.00