Welcome Trinity Credit Union

Dear Member:

We are excited to announce the merger of Trinity Credit Union into Power Credit Union. The name will change; however, you will continue to receive the high level of personal service you have come to expect with Trinity Credit Union with the added benefit of additional locations and new products and services.

We are committed to making every effort possible to ensure a seamless conversion with limited effect on you the member. You will be able to conduct your transactions at the same convenient office and continue to do business with familiar faces.

Included with this letter are Power Credit Union's Account Agreement, Fee Schedule, Current Rate Sheet and Overdraft Privilege Service Policy (applies to checking members only). You should carefully read and retain these documents for your records. These documents contain important information about your accounts and will be effective on December 1, 2012. There is no need to sign or return anything. Your use of your same accounts after December 1, 2012 will indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions of these documents. Until that time, your account will continue to be governed by the Trinity Credit Union agreements.

Account Number

  • You will have a new routing number and account number with Power Credit Union. The account number will be reflected on your December statement or you may contact us sooner to receive this information.
  • If you currently have a checking account with Trinity Credit Union, you can continue to use your current checks for the time being. We encourage you to order new checks as early as possible with your new checking account number and routing number (307077202).
  • All checks and electronic items will continue to be processed.
  • You will no longer be required to maintain a minimum balance in your checking account.

Debit/ATM Cards

  • You many continue to use your Trinity Credit Union debit or ATM card thru Monday, November 26, 2012.
  • You will receive a Power Credit Union debit card in the mail prior to November 26, 2012. This card can be activated beginning December 3, 2012.
  • There will be a period of 6 days in which your debit card will not work. Remember to get extra cash or have your checkbook available during this period. We realize the inconvenience of not having a debit card; therefore, if you would like to establish a Power Credit Union account and order a debit card prior to that time, we would be more than happy to assist with doing so.
  • If you have reoccurring charges established with your Trinity Credit Union debit card, you will need to contact the merchant and provide your new Power Credit Union debit card number.

Overdraft Privilege Service/Protection

Power Credit Union offers an Overdraft Privilege Service (OOPS!) for checking account members.

Checking account members are eligible for OOPS! based on the following parameters: Checking accounts with no monthly recurring direct deposit and deposits totaling at least $600 or more in the account within each thirty (30) day period will receive an OOPS! limit of $600. Checking accounts with a monthly recurring direct deposit of equal to or more than $600 will be eligible for a $1,200 OOPS! limit.

The program is broken out in two separate pieces:

1. Coverage for eligible transaction types which include: Checks, ACH, POS, Home or Internet Banking Bill Payment and Transfers, and Telephone Banking Bill Payment and Transfers. (You may choose at any time to Opt-Out of OOPS!)

2. Coverage for debit card transactions. (Debit cardholders MUST OPT-IN to use the OOPS! program in order for debit card transactions to be covered. Debit card transactions WILL NOT BE ALLOWED if sufficient funds are not available at the time of the transaction. )

Program Features:

  • Non-sufficient funds/overdraft fees will be charged for each transaction presented for payment against non-sufficient funds (currently $30.00).
  • Current checking members – For additional information see the enclosed OOPS! Overdraft Privilege Service Policy

I want to personally thank you for your valued business and look forward to serving you in the future. If we can be of any assistance during this transition, do not hesitate to contact us.


Vanessa Trexel