Save the planet, one paperless statement at a time. e-Statements give you the exact same information as traditional paper statements for free, only you see it sooner — delivered in secure electronic fashion.

Cut down your clutter, not a tree. Meanwhile, streamline your storage. e-Statements are easy to open, download, and save in just a few clicks.

  • Free, 24/7 online availability
  • Easy to open, download, and save in just a few clicks
  • Eco-friendly, completely paperless
  • More secure than paper statements
  • Instant access as soon as your statement is available
  • No delays in delivery
  • Print a hard copy as needed
  • Sign up online using our eStatements enrollment form
  • In order to sign up for e-statements, you must have access to eTeller. To sign up for e-teller click here
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