Savings & CDs

  • Power Savings Account

    Power Savings Account

    Earn competitive dividends as you grow your savings. Plus, establish Power Credit Union membership with your low $25 opening deposit.

  • Power House Youth Savings

    Power House Youth Savings

    Open an introductory savings account for anyone under 18 and cash in on exclusive prizes with your Smart Savers Rewards Card.

  • Money Market

    Money Market

    Boost your dividends with a bigger account balance according to our tiered rate increase system. Plus, keep access to your funds.

  • Christmas Club Account

    Christmas Club Account

    Schedule your savings to align with your holiday calendar. Earn dividends year-round, with funds disbursed in plenty of time to shop.

  • Coverdell Education Savings

    Coverdell Education Savings

    Cover the cost of education — including tuition, books, board, and supplies — with the help of tax-advantaged earnings.

  • Share Certificates (CDs)

    Share Certificates (CDs)

    Bank on guaranteed returns, paying higher rates on longer terms. We offer 4 deposit tiers to reward large deposit certificates with big dividends.

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

    Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

    Plan for retirement with the help of tax-advantaged savings. The sooner you start your IRA the more likely you can retire in timely fashion.