Personal Line of Credit

Find more efficient financing to reach your short-term personal goals. A personal line of credit works like a personal loan — but instead of estimating a lump sum loan amount up front, you borrow with purchase-by-purchase precision.

So you only pay interest on what you actually spend. Start your personal line of credit at a competitively low rate, no collateral down.

  • Competitively low interest rates
  • Only pay interest on what you actually spend, not a larger sum
  • Re-access funds as needed, no re-application necessary
  • Satisfy short-term needs as they arise
  • Local loan decisions
  • Flexible terms to fit your future needs
  • Sincere, hometown personal service

If you are not currently a Power Credit Union member, you can still apply for a personal line of credit online by selecting "Apply for a loan as a non-member" from within the online application.

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